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Welcome to MAPO Research,

I provide qualitative market and policy research in various industries covering English-, French-, German- and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Get information on potential foreign markets or learn about best practices abroad. 

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Multilingual. Broad industry coverage.

MAPO Research provides clients with cost-effective, timely and reliable results in various areas:

  • NEW Administrative procedures for businesses and individuals 

  • Social and public policy

  • Agri-food industry 

  • Economic policies

  • Science and technology 

  • Environment

Services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Are you looking to identify the latest information and trends from a variety of sectors and countries? Please have a look at my services and portfolio of experience below, and contact me to find out how I can help.


Interviews with experts in your field of interest when publicly available information is insufficient, giving access to in-depth information based on their knowledge. Experts are often willing to share their insights when approached mindfully, and presented with a relevant and precise request. 

Methodology: Identification of relevant interview candidates and approach of selected candidates, followed by face-to-face or telephone interviews in various countries. 

Output: Full interview transcript or summary based on client questionnaire. 

Portfolio of expert interview experience:

  • Interviews with regenerative medicine experts in the US on global standardisation

  • Interviews with local authorities in France and the UK on the hosting of large sporting events 

  • Interviews on security measures with national rail companies in Belgium and France

  • Interviews with wholesalers and tanners in the US, French and German leather industry


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Meetings facilitation and set-up on behalf of the client across various industries and countries. 

Optional venue booking, attendance or logistical assistance available upon request. 

Methodology: Approach of target organisations (public or private) with submission of meeting request. Feedback report submitted to the client. 

Output: Progress report submitted during meeting arrangement process. Final schedule including participants and location submitted as final output. 

Portfolio of meeting arrangement experience

  • Meeting arrangements in the European car industry

  • Meeting arrangements with Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) managers from leading brands in Europe and the US 

  • Meeting arrangements with public health authorities in the UK and Brazil 

  • Meeting arrangements with energy companies and energy authorities in Europe and the US

Extensive research & analysis on policy and regulatory developments in various countries and topics, research on administrative procedure for businesses and individuals

Methodology: Desk research in the local language, supplemented by expert interviews when needed. 

Use of up-to-date sources such as governmental and industry reports, national statistics and industry journals. 

Output: Written report or PowerPoint presentation

Portfolio of report experience:

  • How to set-up a business in Luxembourg 

  • Social security for European freelancers

  • The German labor market reforms

  • Food labelling policies in the UK and EU 

  • The European and French sugar policy

  • The medical system in place at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

  • Multilingual services in the European tourism industry

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Fully customizable cross-industry or industry-specific newsletters picking-up new public policies, regulations, trends, and company innovations. 

Portfolio of newsletter writing experience

  • Cross-industry monthly or quarterly newsletters covering developments in the fields of EU policy, smart agriculture, aging society, Internet of Things (IoT), energy, and the food industry. 

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Extensive research & analysis on market developments in various countries and topics

Methodology: Desk research in the local language, supplemented by expert interviews when needed. 

Use of up-to-date sources such as industry reports and journals, and press articles. 

Output: Written report or PowerPoint presentation

Portfolio of report experience

  • The delivery services market in Paris 

  • Influencer research for a European brand 

  • The tourism industry in Paris, London and New York 

  • The Irish and Polish beef market 

  • Food product trends in Europe

  • The US, EU, French and German herbal medicines market

  • E-beauty products in France


Desk Research

  • Up-to-date publicly available information from sources in the local language (ENG, FR, DE or PT)

  • Sources include government and industry reports, industry journals, specialized press, national statistics, etc

  • Brief interviews conducted with relevant organisations and experts when necessary to fill the gaps 

In-Depth Interview

  • Identification of relevant interview candidates

  • Approach of selected interview candidates and submission of interview request 

  • Interview conducted face-to-face or via telephone 

  • Full interview transcript or summary as final output

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*MAPO Research is part of a Japanese-speaking research network and can assist with Japanese requests

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I started MAPO Research after three years working for a London-based consultancy as an international research analyst and later on as research manager. The consultancy specialized in multilingual research for Japanese clients including private companies, think tanks, and the government. During that time, my tasks entailed working on research projects across a variety of areas, including the food industry, social and public policies, economy, science and technology, and the environment. 


Through my Swiss and Brazilian background, I wish to support clients with reliable, fast and tailored multilingual research in various industries.  

- Vivian Rosenbaum 

  BA Political Science (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

  MS Political Science (Leiden University, The Netherlands) 

  MA Philosophy (University of Geneva, Switzerland) 

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“I have been working with Vivian for a few years now. She is very reliable, responsive and always respectful of deadlines." - J. R., Japan Research Network

“I had the pleasure of using the services of MAPO Research for more than a year. Vivian has been of great support for the various research and development activities of my start-up. The market research, which covered several continents, was always well targeted. HIgh quality work, which I highly recommend.” - Corine Huet, CEO of Valet Shopping

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